So We’re Back with Another PropellerAds Review, So This Time I’m Going To Discuss Interstitial Ad Zone and About its Benefit. Also, Will Show You How To Configure it as Well and Tell You How it Works on one of My Websites.
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What is Interstitial Ad?

Interstitial Ad is a type of Banner with Some additional Information Like Title and Description. Also, It has a Lot Bigger Image(Upto 900X600) Than Usual Banner. You can Get an Idea How it Looks Like By Checking The Below Screenshots of My Website.

Interstitial Ad Example 1

As you can see in Example 1 it contains a Large Image with Title and a Description and a Button As Well.

Interstitial Ad Example 2

In Example 2 You can see its quite similar to Example 1st But The Image is covering Almost the Whole Screen (Now they have a New Template Called think: animation)which provides a great boost in CTR and is Highly Engaging.

As You’ve Got an Idea of how the Interstitial Ad Look Like and Knows About How it Boosts CTR.

Now Let me Explain The Process of How Properly Apply it to Your Website. But Before I would Like to tell You About one Limitation of Creating The Ad Code.

The Limitation is That your Website must have Less Than or Equal to 500000 Alexa rank or else The Interstitial Ad can’t be created. So, If Your Website Doesn’t meet this condition you May Leave Here and rest can Continue Reading 🙂

First of All, You must be Signed in To your Propeller ads Account. Don’t Know How to Do it? I have a post here explaining The Same Step by Step.

How To Generate Interstitial Ad Code?

Step 1: First of All Go To The Menu>Sites and Select the Site You want to generate the Code.

Step 2: Then Click on +Add Zone Button (As you Can see in Screenshot Below)


Step 3: Then You’ll Get on this page Just Click on Get Tag Button in Interstitial tab (See the Screenshot Below)


Step 4: Enter The Tag Name and Click on Get Tag (See the Screenshot Below)


Step 5: And Boom! You’ll Get The Tag, Just Copy and Paste it on your Website and You’re Good To Go.


Benefits of Interstitial Ads

  • You’ll Get High Click-through Rate (Thanks to Large Size Image)
  • High User Engagement
  • Doesn’t Spoil User Experience
  • Works with Google Adsense
  • Easy to Integrate
  • High Earnings Than Normal Banner

Screenshot of My Dashboard statistics